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Bar: Ten Tables JP
Bartender: Stanislas Hilbert

What is your favorite drink to make?
The JP Jam! Wild strawberry liqueur, Key lime rum and black pepper with a balsamic syrup drizzled on the bottom of the martini glass.

What is the most underrated spirit?
White Lillet

What is your bartender pet peeve?
Not being consistent with your mixes from one drink to another. When two people order the same drink they should taste the same. Also a dirty bar turns me off...

How would you describe bartending at Ten Tables?
Very laid back and personal. We have mostly locals at the bar. I also do the wine list at Ten Tables so I love talking about wine to people. But I like giving people their personal space as well and not talk too much...

What's the best pick up line you've overheard at the bar?
Haven't heard a good one yet.

What's your favorite Boston Bar (other than Ten Tables)?
I really like the drink list at Bella Luna in JP, I live in JP so I like to stay local when I have a night off, especially now that I have an 18 month old to keep me busy at home! For downtown Boston, Drink is the best.

What drink do YOU order at that bar? And what do you eat with it?
I either order a sidecar or their El Mariachi, a jalapeno infused tequila drink. I usually will drink wine with dinner though.

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