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Worcester Magazine - November 10, 1999

On the Town

by Susan Dewey

A lot on her plate; Doherty High grad Jill Epstein is finding fame and fortune as publisher of Where to Eat,an upscale dining guide to more than 100 Beantown area restaurants that premiered last year.

According to Epstein, last year's launch of the classy (thick coated pages, metallic ink and high resolution black and white photographs) magazine-size guide was "dizzying." Epstein says she put in 90-hour weeks for 8 or 9 months overseeing the publication of the first edition.

"This year's guide was put together over 4 months, even though we've added 40 restaurants," says Epstein, who graduated from Doherty in 1990. The new $6.95 edition, which is even more glamorous than last year's version, is now available at 400 locations throughout the Boston area, including Star Market and Stop & Shop locations, at Borders Books, in Wild Harvest markets etc.

Each restaurant in locations from the Back Bay to Somerville gets full-page coverage including a capsule description, sample menus and all pertinenent details (hours, prices, extra amenities) etc.

Epstein tells us that the 1999 Where to Eat can be purchased locally at Tatnuck Bookseller and George's Fruit & Produce.

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