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South End News - November 25, 1999

The Bible to Good Eating

Life is full of tough questions. What's the meaning of our existence? What's the deal with those Pokemon characters? And - the toughest of them all - honey, what do you want for dinner?

Well, Jill Epstein of Concord Square can't help too much with the first two. But when it comes to finding where to eat in Boston, she's written the book. Literally.

The second edition of Epstein's "Where to Eat" went on sale Nov 1 and gives the details on the Hubs top 150 restaurants, letting people know everything from what's on the menu to whether they can smoke at the bar.

"What I wanted to do is create a coffee table style book that everyone can use to answer the big question Where can I eat?" she said in an interview the other day.

The one time graphic designer started the series in May and hopes to keep putting out a new version every six months or so. Sales have been surprisingly brisk for a self published work.

"Where to Eat" is on sale now at 400 locations from Boston to the Cape and Islands. Some of the local places hungry readers can snap up her work include the Everyday Cafe, the Appleton Bakery, the Barber Shop Deluxe, the We Think the World of You bookstore, New Boston Wine and Spirits and the wine emporium.

The book breaks down the restaurants by neighborhoods and has a page dedicated to each eatery, including a sample menu and tons of fast facts like the dress code and smoking policy.

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